Name Transition Survey + Next Steps

Happy Summer, all!

As many of you know, we are changing our name because using the term “woke” is appropriative. Because appropriation is a symptom of White supremacy, we knew it would be an act of privilege to keep the name. Within leadership, we value intersectionality and creating an inclusive public resource that encourages awareness and supports action. We strive to support the voices and needs of all marginalized groups. To do this, we needed to check our own privilege. We are humbled to admit this error and move forward with choosing a name that truly reflects our mission.

As we undergo this transition, we want to be clear about our long-term goals.  This group was originally intended to be a feminist book club with a commitment to action, and we hope to carry that intention through an online hub and small-group meet-ups.  We want our website to include a resource library of critical media, an online discussion forum, and materials for facilitating your own small-group huddles.  At our huddles, we will continue to both self-reflect and stay informed while supporting one another to engage in strategic activism.

Because of the busy summer season, we are ready to step back a bit from facilitating regular meetings until we have transitioned to our new name.  We have identified two options for you to choose that could both identify and empower our group.  “Arose Network” is meant to convey an uprising of action through the symbol of a rose–overlapping petals to represent the intersecting identities of our feminism.  “The Resistance Review” is meant to capture the how we read/watch/listen to critical media and build understanding collaboratively, which leads to action.

Please vote for your favorite name that will identify our group’s mission (stay informed, get organized, take action):

Huddle 3: Intersectionality Panel

Hello all!

Huddle 3 is just one week away!  We are meeting at ArtsRiot on Wednesday, May 10 from 5:30-7:30pm [agenda below].  We are excited to announce that this meeting will feature a panel of community leaders discussing intersectionality.  Thank you to Elise Greaves from Rights and Democracy and Alanna Moriarty from Pride Center of Vermont for their willingness to share their thoughts!  Other panel participants are to be announced.

We will also engage in small groups to support learning and action around intersectional feminism and cultural appropriation.  To begin thinking and learning before the meeting we suggest you:

[more critical media below!]

We look forward to seeing everyone there to connect as a community dedicated to staying informed, getting organized, and taking action!  Feel free to reach out with any questions.

In solidarity,

Emma, Danielle, Jessica, Mackenzie, and Weiwei


Huddle 3 Agenda: Wednesday, May 10 5:30-7:30, ArtsRiot

  • Introductions
  • Small-Group Discussion
  • Panel on Intersectionality
  • Our Identity
  • Take Action



Read: “How ‘woke’ went from black activist watchword to teen internet slang” Fusion, 1/8/16

Watch: “Uprooting White Fragility: Intersectional Anti-Racism in the ‘Post-Racial’ Ethical Foodscape” Dr. A. Breeze Harper, 4/20/16

Listen: “Is Your Feminism Intersectional?” The Left Ovaries

In case you missed it + Upcoming Events

Hi love warriors!  It was great to see so many of you at our huddle last week.  We had the opportunity to hear from 9 community leaders about the amazing work they are doing and how we can support them.  In case you missed it, here is a link to our notes:

If you haven’t already, please take this survey to help us plan future huddles.  It’s important to have your feedback so WokeClub can work for all of us.
Wednesday, April 12 at 6pm will be our first “Mini-WokeClub!”  Mini-WokeClub is an effort to sustain our activism between WokeClub meetings. It is a more casual way to ‘meet and greet’ and connect with people who want to promote love, equity, and justice. We hope it will help people stay inspired and engage in meaningful conversations that lead to action.  Please find the Facebook event or reply to this email to RSVP.  When we have a better idea of numbers, we will announce the location (somewhere in Burlington).  Here is some critical media we recommend consuming before the mini huddle:
Our next formal meeting, WokeClub Huddle 3, will be May 10th from 5:30pm-7:30pm at ArtsRiot.  Mark your calendars!  Agenda to follow.
In solidarity,
Emma, Danielle, Jess, Somer, and Weiwei