What is WokeClub?

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Our Mission:

Woke Club: an alt-book club for nasty, resistant, love warriors committed to facilitating and sustaining civilian activism.

Is everything you care about suddenly at risk?

Overwhelmed, and confused about which next steps to take?

Don’t want to be a slacktivist while also not losing your mind?

WokeClub is a platform to stay informed, get organized, and take action.

Transformative resistance emerges when build two things:

  1. knowledge of oppression
  2. skills in social justice methods

WokeClub is designed to do just that.  We share, consume, and discuss “critical media” (articles, podcasts, documentaries, etc) that reflect intersectional feminism.  We connect with local/national organizations that are leading this work, and decide our best strategy to support them.  

Did I mention we will eat, drink, and be merry while we do it?

WokeClub steadfastly believes that intersectionality is key to the success of this movement.  Use this site to find resources and actions to focus your support on the issues you care about most:

  • Education
  • Environmental Justice
  • Health Care & Reproductive Rights
  • Immigration
  • LGBTQ+
  • Politics & Ethics
  • Poverty & Economy
  • Racism
  • Self Care
  • Sexual Violence
  • Sexism